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Maundy Thursday

April 17 - 7:30pm Service

Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursday, is the Thursday preceding Easter on which we commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus with the Apostles through a service including communion.

Good Friday

April 18 - 7:30pm Service

Our choir has prepared a beautiful and moving cantata for this worship service! As we finish up the season of Lent, we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

Easter Egg Hunt!

April 19 - 2:00pm

Our annual Easter egg hunt comes Saturday, April 19th! Bring your children, and join us in an afternoon of fun!

We will need donations of plastic eggs and candy; if you can contribute, we have a collection basket in Wesley Hall.

Grace Child Development Center

GCDC is our weekday children's ministry that provides a loving and nurturing atmosphere to young children in our community.

GCDC runs from 9:00am - 2:00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and you can contact them at 405-946-5437 or go to the GCDC page.

Pastor's Bible Study

Sundays at 5pm, you can join us in our present study on the books of Ezra and Nehemiah!

Easter Service - April 20, 9:30am

Please join us this Easter for worship at 9:30am, and celebrate Jesus' resurrection!

Sunday Morning Discipleship Hour - 8:30am

Entitled "Our Lenten Journey", the clergy of Grace share their jouney through the 40 days of Lent. We'll have Rev. Glenda Skinner Noble, Dr. Rev. Grayson Lucky, Rev. Rebecca Morton, and Rev. Ed Light leading these sessions.

Mission Opportunities

  • Whiz Kids of Oklahoma

    Whiz Kids of Oklahoma

    Whiz Kids strives to improve the well-being of inner city youth through academic tutoring and positive mentoring relationships as well as communicating spiritual and moral values. Whiz Kids volunteers concentrate on self-esteem, reading, communication skills, goal-setting and character building. Tutors serve as mentors, friends and role models.

  • Skyline Urban Ministry

    Skyline Urban Ministry

    Skyline provides a host of resources for those in need in our community, and there are many ways that you can directly help them in their ministry! We have a Skyline donation box in Wesley Hall, near the south middle doors where you can donate items. They need many things, but foods such as peanut butter and cereal and canned goods (fruit, veggies, hearty soups, and meat) are needed most. If you or your group would like to volunteer with Skyline, they have sign-up sheets available on their website.

  • Mobile Meals

    Mobile Meals of Oklahoma County

    At Grace, we participate in providing meals to homebound elders living in our community in a coordinated effort with many other local organizations. Volunteers for this mission can help to prepare meals and aid in their delivery each Wednesday. For more information, please contact us at the church office!

Where We Stand

What Are Our Core Beliefs?

At Grace, we are Christians who are excited to be part of the United Methodist Church.

United Methodists hold to the historic doctrines of the Christian faith. We are evangelical, but moderates rather than fundamentalists. We value the intellect and modern science, while at the same time looking to the Bible as the authoritative guide for faith and practice. Methodists have a passionate faith with strong convictions, but we also recognize that the world is not always black and white. We are willing to ask questions, to wrestle with difficult issues, and to do so with grace and compassion. Methodists have been known for our emphasis on a personal faith, lived out in concrete ways in the world. We have historically valued well-informed and passionate preaching, worship that was lively, and small groups where people could grow in faith. Methodists have open hearts, and open minds - and welcome anyone interested in learning more about the Christian faith.


Our Purpose as a UMC Church

To build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians.

How We Plan to Get There

The following five broad areas of ministry constitute the primary means of accomplishing our purpose and vision. They are the historic elements of the church′s mission: Worship, Evangelism, Service, Discipleship and Fellowship.

Our first aim is to glorify God in worship; our second is to introduce people to Jesus Christ through evangelism; our third is to help persons of all ages to become deeply committed Christians through ministries of discipleship; our fourth is to build caring relationships and foster mutual ministry among the church family through authentic Christian fellowship; and finally, we aim to train, equip, inspire and mobilize members to live out their faith as salt and light outside the walls of the church through ministries of service.

What we Endeavor to Be

It is our desire to honor God through our work on His behalf. To that end, we will do His work with the qualities we most value: integrity, grace, excellence, relevance, authenticity, passion, humility, faith, inclusivity, commitment, joy and love.

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